MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean uses international proven methodologies, to measure the value of brands. These analysis models have proven their usefulness and applicability in any category and context, achieving a higher quality of analysis. We analyze the value of brands based on the functional or emotional perceptions that consumers have about them, allowing us to understand the consumer’s relationship with the brand from knowledge to bonding. The assessment tools we use allow us to compare brands across markets, which is why our clients generally evaluate several countries simultaneously.

For MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean the purpose of conducting a U&A is to obtain full knowledge of the use and consumption habits around a category and the role of brands in such behavior. Considering these aspects, we achieve a full optic of the category, the consumer/buyer and brand interaction, which is a source of useful insights in planning processes, opportunity or problem solving.

In MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean this study is used to evaluate campaigns / commercials after they are launched to understand the impact of advertising based on recognition, branding, communication and persuasion. Post-testing evaluation can be done for television commercials, print, radio, non-traditional and digital media. Their databases have norms per country and category against which we can compare the results. This allows us to clearly conclude on the effectiveness of the advertising and its ROI.

Within MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean this study allows the monitoring of marketing activities of both your brands and competitors, based on awareness, purchase incidence, and product usage as well as advertising recall. Metrics can also be incorporated to track post-launch or re-launch product acceptance and consumer reaction. The studies are usually continuous to gather information on a weekly basis, although in some cases field work can be carried out in a specific time frame according to the client’s objectives.

At MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean we work on the brand’s essence and identity, focusing on its main values ​​and principles in an effort to make it coherent and authentic. That’s why we help you discover emotional and intangible associations seeking a long-term connection with the client.