Creativity and media

Creativity and media

MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean provides specific solutions to measure brand advertising concepts. We obtain first-hand the reaction of consumers to these new concepts and creative ideas, identifying the possible impact, involvement and message resonance with consumers.

MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean uses this study to evaluate campaigns / advertisements before their release. We have internationally proven solutions for pre-testing in TV, print, radio, and non-traditional media. Our database has standards per country and per category to which we can compare results. This allows us to reach clear conclusions when evaluating an advertising piece in terms of attention, branding, communication, and persuasion.

MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean is equipped with tools that help clients and media agencies develop a more efficient media strategy by identifying ideal moments / touch points that occur where / when the target audience is in the right mood for interaction with the brand.

MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean implements tools to measure the impact of multi-media communication campaigns based on key brand indicators. These tools help to answer the following questions:

  1. What was the overall performance of the campaign?
  2. What role did each channel/media play?
  3. How did the different channels/media worked out together?
  4. What is the profitability of each channel/media?
  5. How can I improve media mix in the future?

MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean relies on its technical capacity and expertise to implement online studies in Latin America offering specific methodologies to suit local market conditions and the profile of their digital consumers. It has a portfolio of solutions for the evaluation of the effectiveness of digital advertising through measuring the effects of digital activities in all online formats, micro -sites, web and mobile applications, social networks, games, search and much more.