Shopper and customer experience

Shopper and customer experience

As branding experts, MERCAPLAN Central and the Caribbean understands the role of price both in the marketing mix, and its impact on consumer decisions. Therefore, we have a diverse collection of tools and analysis such as conjoint (which allows us to understand how consumers / clients react in different price scenarios), price sensibility, price perception, or price behavior comparison. These frameworks allow us to adapt to any given situation, using advanced price evaluation analysis.

MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean has a highly trained staff with experience in evaluating various services including fast foods, automotive, supermarkets, and mobile among others. This tool’s objective is to evaluate the different aspects of the service against the company’s strategies, standards, and planning. These programs can be permanent or for a specific time period. We have an online platform where clients can see the results of the assessments at the level of detail they require. Actually we belong to the Mystery Shopping Providers Association – MSPA, remaining at the forefront of the latest trends and adhering to international ethical codes.

In MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean these tests are based on the continuous checking or verification of the products available in the household. This tool has the purpose of providing information to plan, implement and monitor marketing decisions. This study can be carried out continuously or for a period of time.

Our customer satisfaction survey helps MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean evaluate the level of satisfaction of our internal and external clients. In a market where it is highly difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition, it is the customers’ experience and satisfaction with the service what makes the difference. We identify and quantify the current situation in terms of customer satisfaction levels, consolidating it in a metric that allows us to determine over time whether or not the ability to satisfy the customers is improving.

MERCAPLAN Central America and the Caribbean conducts corporate reputation studies that emerge from the need of our clients to evaluate and understand the image their company projects to the general public. Aspects such as overall knowledge of the company, image, social responsibility, cooperation in the economy of the countries, environmental responsibility among others, are evaluated in order to analyze whether these have an active impact on product purchase. Additionally, we evaluate which attributes should be communicated to the clients according to the industry in which they operate and what points should be improved.